1960 Catalogue Leaflet

I was very pleased to get hold of this leaflet on Ebay, as it shows the entire range of Frog flying models that were available in your local model shop back in 1960. A trip down memory lane for some readers I hope!

Here is the complete Senior Series range. Not bad value at 22.5 pence each!

Here is the original Junior Series range. Note the similarities to some of the Senior Series planes. Scamp and Speedy are particularly pretty models. I am gradually managing to track down these little gems, and I hope to have plans for the whole range available for download from the site soon.

Here is the Junior series scale collection. Some interesting types in evidence. Anyone got any memories of building these? Did any of them actually fly? Two are now available to download.

The final Junior Series range featured fighter aircraft, including three jets. The Wyvern was an unusual type to choose (now available on the site). Sorry you are going to have to scroll across to see them all! The Spitfire plan is also available for download.

Here is the 1960 range of rubber duration models, of which only the Witch could really be classed as a high performance design. Some attractive models though.

Three scale models were produced under the Senior Series label. You can download the Bird Dog plan elsewhere on this site.

Just the three power models for sale in 1960.

A mouthwatering selection of engines and accessories!

The ready to fly model range, including the ultimate version of the Fighter, the mark 5. Note the winder incorporated in the end of the box

Here are the glider kits, with some attractive designs in evidence.

To finish, here is the extensive range of control line models.

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